About Us

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Stealth Optional is the hardware-focused corner of the Gfinity Digital Media group.

As a fresh decade of consoles, computers and cloud-based technology brings upheaval and confusion into the lives of gamers, Stealth Optional cuts through the noise and delivers expert advice.

From Apple to Google, Sony to Microsoft, we want to make sure that it’s a site guided by quality content, aided by a team focused on what readers want to see for their products that they use each day.

Our editorial team has a strong pedigree, featuring journalists who have written for the likes of WIRED, TechRadar, MSPoweruser, and many more.

Stealth Optional is lead by Daryl Baxter, who says, “Technology is with us every day in many forms, and we want to be the ones to help guide you in using them to their full capacity.

“With a team experienced in every avenue of the topic, our aim is to make sure that the site is a reliable, well-informed location to learn more about past, present and future technology, in all its aspects to a high standard.”

The Team

Editorial Team

Daryl Baxter – Acting Editor

Lewis White – Deputy Editor

Oliver Barsby – News Editor


Thomas Hughes – Features & News Writer

Steven Shaw – SEO Writer