Latest TikTok Trends September 2022: The Most Viral TikTok Trends This Week

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Latest TikTok Trends

If you’re looking for the latest TikTok trends in September, here’s what’s going viral right now.

From funny lip-syncing videos to TikTok duets to long 10-minute videos, TikTok offers a wide variety of content to keep you entertained. With new trends keep popping up every day, it might be a little hard for you to keep up with the most popular ones.

That’s where this list comes in! We’ve curated some of the best TikTok trends from this week. Keep reading to find out which one is currently going viral on the app.


What Are The Latest TikTok Trends?

Whether you are a TikToker who wishes to jump on the latest trends to get discovered by a wider audience, or someone who just wants to know what's trending on Tiktok, we have got you covered.

Here are some popular TikTok trends that you can try.

“I’m Gonna Take My Time” Trend

Make a video with this sound where you show a dialogue between two people, usually cutting back and forth in sync with the tune of the song. And when the “I’m gonna take my time” part of the song hits, people just vibe to it.

“Bound to Falling in Love” Trend

Make a video to this sound where you showcase traits that mean two people are bound to fall in love with the first clip showing a person and a text overlay of their trait, and then a second clip with a descriptive text overlay of the second person's trait.


"Help Me!" Trend

Make a video with this sound where you’re trying to ignore someone screaming for help, with a text overlay describing a situation where someone would be asking you for assistance but you don’t really want to help for some reason.


“It’s Corn!” Trend

"It’s Corn" is a musical remix of an interview with an adorable kid called Tariq where he explains his true love of corn. Using the corn song and a text overlay describe your love for something to do this trend.


“Everything is Awesome?” Trend

Make a video just recording your face to this song from the LEGO movie, with a text overlay in the format of “Everything is awesome? Okay, what about [insert a terrible thing]? Is that awesome, you plastic little [f*cks/idiots]?”


Go ahead and try out these trends and make your TikTok video stand out. If your TikTok video is stuck at 0 views, there are ways to fix it. You can follow #trendalert on TikTok to identify emerging trends.


TikTok Trending Sounds September 2022

ForeverQuinceañera, Hasta la Raíz, The Assignment and Triple S are some of the sounds that have been trending on TikTok right now. You can find more trending sounds and hashtags in the Discover tab.

We’ll be frequently updating this list as new TikTok trends emerge. So be sure to keep coming back for the latest viral TikTok trends in 2022! Press Ctrl + D to bookmark this page, so you won't miss out on the latest trends.

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