Best steering wheel for F1 2020: Our picks for the best racing wheels on the market right now to help you dominate the latest F1 title

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F1 2020

is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. If you're looking to upgrade your racing setup ahead of

F1 2021's


, check out our recommendations for the best steering wheel for

F1 2020 


We've looked at budget and high-end options for both consoles, so suit up for the new season and read on for our picks! Plus, don't forget to check out our 

F1 2020 

guide over at RealSport



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Best overall steering wheel for F1 2020: Logitech G920 & G29 Wheels

For truly stunning performance and

multiplayer dominance

, Logitech gives you the G920 and G29 Driving Force racing wheels.

Both the PlayStation-branded G29 and the Xbox-branded G920 are essentially the same wheel, but what a wheel it is! Made of hand-stitched leather, the controller features an unrivalled 900-degree turn radius and dual-motor force feedback for a realistic feel.

The wheels also come with a self-calibrating pedal set, adjustable to fit your frame.

Best steering wheel for F1 2020 on Xbox One and Series X: Thrustmaster Ferrari 458

The replica Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel from Thrustmaster is a striking steering wheel perfect for 

F1 2020

on Xbox One or Series X.

Thrustmaster is pretty much the number one name in gaming steering wheels, so you know this controller is quality. With customisable steering sensitivity and a bungee cord mechanism producing lifelike feedback, you'll feel like you're in the race.

It also comes with an adjustable pedal set, if you want the full driving experience.

Best steering wheel for F1 2020 on PC: ThrustMaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod

Designed as a replica of the Sparco P310, Thrustmaster's TS-XW is an incredible racing wheel optimised for Xbox One and Windows devices.

Its 40-watt Force Feedback creates a highly realistic and immersive wheel, while also using its Motor Cooling Embedded cooling system to avoid overheating or loud fans from disrupting your experience.

The TS-XW is compatible with all of Thrustmaster's racing products, and also includes a three-pedal set.

Best eSports steering wheel for F1 2020: Fanatec CSL Elite F1 Set

If you're serious about racing and potentially want to compete in 

F1 2020

tournaments, Fanatec is the place to go for the most true-to-life F1 steering wheels.

The CSL Elite F1 set includes equipment that is officially used and endorsed by F1 teams. The ClubSports steering wheel and CSL Elite pedals feature a wide array of tech to put you in pole position, including force feedback, Alcantara grips and highly durable construction.