How to change the language in Minecraft

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Want to change the language in Minecraft? You're not alone.

With yet more updates finally coming to Minecraft, more players are picking up the game, whether as new players or returning ones who haven't placed a block in years. As the game continues to dominate the gaming landscape, players from new areas are picking up Minecraft and getting onboard the beloved game.

When booting up the game, depending on your region, your version of the game and where you bought it from, the language may not be your preferred choice.


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Luckily, it's very simple to change the language in Minecraft. Here's how you do it.

Where to change the language in Minecraft

To change the language in Minecraft, simply go to the Settings and scroll until you get to the General Settings tab.

In here, you will find the language settings where you can choose between 29 different languages.

Once selected, the change should take effect immediately and you'll be able to play Minecraft in your preferred language!

Alternatively, you can use the in-game command '/language' when playing on PC. Writing '/language English', for example, will change the language to English.

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change the language in Minecraft
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Credit: Mojang

What about other languages?

If your native language is not currently supported in Minecraft, there is a workaround thanks to a localisation project by Crowdin.


The Crowdin project for Minecraft has 124 available languages translated by users. While there may be some occasional errors, proofreaders will check over the content, and users can also highlight incorrect translations. If you search through the Activity Streamsection of the project, you can see the latest updates and developments for each language.

Interestingly, Mojang has told the Crowdin users that certain words unique to Minecraft are not to be translated as they are universal terms. These include the likes of Creeper, Nether, Wither, Realms and Redstone.

You can see all the available Crowdin languages here.

How to change language on

To change the language on Minecraft's website, scroll down to the bottom of the site and locate the globe icon in the bottom left corner. Here, you should be able to choose between 21 different language settings.

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You'll be able to tell what language the Minecraft website is in by looking at the URL. If it ends with 'en-us', it is in English. If the URL ends with 'de-de', for example, it is in German.