HTC Vive floor fix: How to calibrate the floor

You may want to use the HTC Vive floor fix to… fix your floors…

by David Gealogo
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Your VR experience with the HTC Vive can be maximized by exploring through a physical space. And for that, you’ve got to use the Vive floor fix.

By using it, you may learn how to set up your room and eventually to calibrate it.

Just grab the app/software, know where to position your controllers, and you’ll soon be the master of your own VR experience!

Here’s how to use the HTC Vive floor fix to calibrate the floor:

Download the HTC Vive floor fix

The HTC Vive floor fix was made by a user named “kegeyts.”

After downloading it, you can use it to solve issues regarding your floor level. There is a high chance that it may change depending on the sensor’s place.

You can get it here. Download it and install it once you already have the ZIP file of it.

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Use the OpenVR-Advanced Settings

Another alternative option, aside from the HTC Vive floor fix app, is to check out something called OpenVR-Advanced Settings.

This is a tool which you can use to, again, fix your room’s setting to give you the best VR experience you can have.

Check it out here. It may also help you fix those HTC Vive floor issues.

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David Gealogo