Battlefield 2042 Slow Download: How To Fix Download Speeds For Battlefield 2042 on PS4/PS5, Xbox and PC

If a slow download hinders your Battlefield 2042, here’s what you can do.

by Steven Shaw
Battlefield 2042

With the Beta finally landing, players may be suffering from a Battlefield 2042 slow download. Regardless of what platform you are using, you may be finding that download of your war game of choice is taking longer than you might reasonably expect. If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Depending on your platform, the Battlefield 2042 Beta file size ranges from between 9GB and 21GB (according to @BFBulletin). So in relative terms, not massive. You don’t therefore, expect it to take very long. But if you are finding it takes longer than a reasonable person might expect, we’ve got some tips for you, to try to speed things up. Here’s how to fix Battlefield 2042 slow download speeds.

How To Fix Download Speeds For Battlefield 2042

If you are experiencing slow download speeds for Battlefield 2042, there are several steps worth taking, to hopefully speed things up.

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Check your Internet Connection

The first step, in speeding things up, is to do everything you can to optimise your internet connection. There are a few parts to this:

  • Firstly, close any other apps or devices that are competing for bandwidth. You want as little traffic on your network as possible.
  • If you are using WiFi, if possible switch to a wired ethernet connection, as this will almost always provide you with a more stable connection.
  • Or, if you can’t use a wired connection, try to get your device as close to the router as possible, to improve the connection.
  • As a final step, sometimes restarting your router can help to refresh the network connection, and speed things up.
  • If you do find things seem ridiculously slow, try running a speed test, to make sure you are getting the speeds you would expect from your ISP. If you aren’t, get in touch with your service provider.

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Don’t Try to Multitask

As we said above, close down any apps or devices that are potentially using up bandwidth. But to go one step further than that, try not to multitask. Once your download is going, don’t start playing other games, or watch a movie. These active programs will be given priority for the internet connection, which will just exacerbate your Battlefield 2042 slow download speed.

As an additional point to the above, think about putting your console into Rest Mode. This will close down background processes, allowing your console to focus on the one thing you really need it to do: download Battlefield 2042. If you are putting it into Rest Mode, make sure you select the Stay Connected to the Internet option on your console.

Avoid Peak Times

This may seem incredibly obvious, but if you are trying to download Battlefield 2042 at the same time as everyone else, then the traffic that the Battlefield servers are dealing with, is going to be immense. And we all know what it’s like to get stuck in a traffic jam.

Avoiding peak times – evenings most typically, when everyone is home from school or work – should help you to have a faster download.

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Steven Shaw