Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error: How To Fix Unknown Error In BF2042 Matchmaking

An unknown error in Battlefield 2042 matchmaking can be problematic. Here’s how to fix it.

by Steven Shaw
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The problem with the Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error, is that, as the name suggests, it’s unknown. So when you are trying to figure out the solution, you are a bit like an Ancient Greek scientist. Sure, you have theories, but you don’t have a great deal of information with which to support them. This leaves you with a choice. You can blame it on the Gods, and leave an offering at the foot of a mountain. Or you can read this article, which will give you the tools you need to fix it.

The unknown error in Battlefield 2042 matchmaking is causing issues for lots of players, but not as bad as those infamous BF3 issues. Let us help you to get past this error, and start successfully make matches. Sort of like a dating coach. Except we’re encouraging you to go into battle, rather than find a nice restaurant. Let’s crack on.

How To Fix Unknown Error In BF2042 Matchmaking

According to EA, they are well aware of the Battlefield 2042 unknown error. Their advice, according to one of their community managers on Twitter, is as follows:

If you’ve met our friend ‘Unknown Error’ – Sit Tight.

This isn’t on your end, we’re just scaling up all of our servers to meet the demand

This may be small crumb of comfort to those who have been suffering. It suggests that eventually, once the servers are all online, that this error will disappear. In the meantime, patience is required.

There is one other suggestion that players have been claiming has worked for them. According to some users, going into settings and turning off crossplay has enabled them to get into a game after a handful of attempts. We don’t know for sure that this works, but while we wait for EA, it can’t hurt to try.

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Battlefield 2042 Server Error Everything to know about Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error In Matchmaking

What causes the Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error?

As indicated above, even though it’s called an unknown error, EA seem to know exactly what the issue is. In this instance, the unknown error is a by-product of the servers not yet being up to scale, to meet the demand from the loyal fans of Battlefield 2042.

If you are running into the Battlefield 2042 unknown error, rest assured that EA are working on getting it fixed. With it being a beta on a hugely popular title, it was perhaps inevitable that there were going to be some teething issues. The hope is that this one, at least, can be resolved quickly.

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Steven Shaw