How to connect an Xbox One controller to Windows 10 PC or Mac

Heres how to use your Xbox One controller on the PC.

by Tom Owen

It will be interesting to see where the PS5 and Xbox Series X take their controllers in terms of design, but recent models have been getting more and more similar. The Xbox One controller has been complimented as one of the best in terms of shape and size for playing. 

This means that, if you’re looking to connect a controller to a PC, the Xbox One controller would be a fine choice to give your gaming that extra edge. Heres how you do it;

How to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC


Use a micro USB cable to connect your Xbox One controller to the PC. If you have a wireless controller, it comes with a charging cable that will work. If you have a wired controller, this will work plugged right into the PC. 

PLUG AND PLAY: It’s pretty easy with the USB Cable

Windows 10 – You can connect eight controllers at once, but if you use chat headsets this drops to four. If you are using stereo headsets then it drops again to two.

Mac – You will need to download an Xbox Controller driver for your Mac. Once it is downloaded, check System preferences. Click on the icon Xbox 360 controllers. Then once you plug your micro USB attached to the controller into the Mac it will recognize it is attached. Check in the tab Advanced that the ‘enable driver’ is ticked.

How to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC


If you want to play wirelessly with your PC you will need to purchase a wireless adapter

Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to a USB port on the PC and then complete the setup process for the adapter

SYNC: Wireless uses Bluetooth technology with the Xbox One Controller

Turn on the controller with the guide button (middle of the pad) and then press the small sync button on the top of the pad (it’s just to the right of LB). The guide button will start flashing.

Tom Owen