Rust game age rating: How old should you be to play the game?

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Most of the time when you watch video game trailers, the very first thing you might see would be its age rating. And yes, Rust has an age rating too.

Typically, the rating of games is classified in various age groups, depending on the region. Some of the most common include PEGI, ESRB, CERO, USK, ACB and RARS.

Can you guess which age rating Rust is classified? Well, considering the fact that you could see guns and weapons in the game, you might just know what would it be.

Here's what you need to know on how old should you be to play the game of Rust:


How old should you be to play Rust?

Rust's age rating depends on the classification boards and location.

ESRB rates Rust as M (17+). This means that many stores may refuse to sell customers Rust without age verification.

ESRB describes games with an M rating as: "Generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language."

However, PEGI has rated the Rust Console Edition as for 16+.

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Why is Rust rated Mature?

The ESRB listing for Rust details the blood and violence found in Rust as the reasons for its Mature 17+ rating.

"Players can attack and kill enemies in frenetic combat, with successful hits resulting in large splashes of blood.
"Battles are highlighted by realistic gunfire and explosions. When human enemies are killed, they can be harvested for body parts and cooked for food."

PEGI explains that Rust "has received a PEGI 16 because it features strong violence, sustained depictions of violence towards human characters."

The ratings board also notes that Rust features in-game purchases via RUST Coins that players can use to buy skins or rent servers, although this does not contribute towards the 16+ rating.

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It's also worth noting, as they do over at TamingGaming, that Rust allows players to interact with others online. And this obviously has risks in terms of who they are interacting with, and the sort of language they may encounter. So that's potentially another reason for the rating. And important to bear in mind for any parents out there.