Rust Forced Wipes: What are forced wipes, forced wipe schedule and more!

Wondering where all your stuff went in Rust? This may be the answer…

by Oliver Barsby

If you’re wanting to know what Rust forced wipes are, you’re not alone.

One of the chief concerns of players jumping into a new game is that they will be stomped on by high-level players with the best equipment and weapons.

With Rust having passed its 7-year anniversary, it likely falls into this category for some players. However, to stop this survival game from becoming, well, less survival-y, Facepunch Studios has come up with a solution to prevent overpowered players crushing those beneath them – Forced Wipes.

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What is a forced wipe, and why do they happen?

A Rust forced wipe is exactly what it sounds like. It is a forced, unavoidable, wipe of the entire map. No matter what server you are playing on- whether it is public or private, everything players create in a server will be deleted, restoring the map to its original state, almost like a Groundhog Day time loop.

This may sound like a pretty harsh move from Facepunch, but there are legitimate, justified reasons behind these Rust forced wipes.

These progress wipes fit the type of game Rust wants to be. The main aim is to survive. After a certain amount of time playing a survival-type game (Minecraft is a good example), it becomes less about survival, and more about flourishing. Rust doesn’t want that.

By wiping the game, it forces players to start over, creating an even playing field between players that also gives them the chance to even try out a new strategy.

Aside from this benefit, these server wipes also prevent the servers from becoming overloaded, removing abandoned buildings left there by those who no longer play the game.

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Rust forced wipe schedule

Forced wipes in Rust coincide with the game’s update on the first Thursday of every month.

This usually happens between 7 PM GMT and 11 PM GMT, and will only occur when the update goes live for both servers and clients.

Keeping this in mind, the wipes for 2021 are likely to occur on the following dates:

  • February 4
  • March 4
  • April 1
  • May 6
  • June 3
  • July 1
  • August 5
  • September 2
  • October 7
  • November 4
  • December 2

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Oliver Barsby