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Oliver Barsby

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Oliver Barsby is the Editor-in-Chief of Stealth Optional, and also the Editor of Gfinity's Planet Crypto. Currently studying MA Interactive Journalism at City, University of London, Oliver is an avid gamer and dedicated reporter on all things crypto.

News and Features Editor

Lewis White

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Face trapped in a permanent grimace, Lewis watches Earth skip and hop ever-closer to dystopia.

Steven writes words which occasionally coalesce into something coherent. He covers a wide range of tech and gaming-related queries for Stealth.

When he isn't writing, he's becoming increasingly aware of his own mortality.

Look up nerd in the dictionary and Nico's face will likely pop up. When he isn't gawking at graphic novels or playing JRPGs on his Switch, Nico is likely keeping up to date with AEW and WWE.

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Melwyn, a computer engineer with a passion for technology, is dedicated to demystifying the digital world for others. He shares his expertise through in-depth, easy-to-follow guides on apps, games, and tech trends.


Reece Bithrey

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Reece writes about all things tech for Stealth Optional. Whether it's drones, mice or monitors, you can find him writing buying guides for the latest and best. He's also been featured in Trusted Reviews, PC Gamer, Custom PC and has his own blog, UNTITLED.