Best Standing Desk Converter For A Tall Person 2022: Our Top Picks

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best standing desk converter for a tall person

If you're looking for the best standing desk converter for a tall person, we've got you covered right here.

Getting a standing desk converter if you are someone that's tall is going to be a rather useful investment, especially from the perspective of ergonomics. A desk is the fundamental core of any workspace, so making sure that fits your needs is of paramount importance.

You could also get one of the best standing desk frames and build a desk yourself, or go for a pre-built standing desk, but a desk converter may make more sense if you've got a perfectly good desk already and you just want to add an extra bit of height.


This comes alongside other components such as getting the best monitor light bar for the sake of eye care, the best monitor for working from home to make sure you're working comfortably, and the best footrest for under your desk to ensure your feet and legs are also comfortable.

Knowing what to go for with a standing desk converter though is a little bit fiddly, as there are so many things to choose from. One of the most important things to look for is its range of adjustment, which is especially true for taller people. As a general rule, the higher the desk will go, the taller the person it can work for. So, it's worth considering how tall you are and therefore how tall of a desk you need.

In addition, it's worth considering more general ergonomic points about a standing desk converter, such as the potential viewing angle of a monitor. Standing desk converters should allow for you to have the top of the screen at eye level so you can have a naturally downwards viewing angle. You'll want to find a desk that can allow for vast swathes of adjustment so this is possible, as well as one that features a proper height for your keyboard tray so you aren't contorting your wrists too much.

Some standing desk converters may also have space for accessories for things such as monitor arms that you can add at a later date if you are working with multiple displays, or other accessories so you can have the power of dual ergonomics.

With all this in mind, we’ve selected these standing desk converters based on our research into their specs, features, general reviews, and other general points, that we think make them worth considering, plus, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions so you can pick the best ones for you.

So with that being said, let’s get into it – here are some top picks for the best standing desk converter for a tall person available today.

Best Standing Desk Converter For A Tall Person Humanscale Quickstand Varidesk Tall 40 BTOD Duke VESA VIVO Standing Desk Converter Innovative Winston Humanscale Quickstand

best standing desk converter for a tall person humanscale
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Image Credit: Humanscale

The Humanscale Quickstand looks like a great choice for an all-round standing desk converter if you're someone that's taller.


It can support people up to 6ft 6 inches tall and can raise upwards to 18 inches off your desk. Its adjustment range is rather wide, and the keyboard and monitor platform heights are independent of each other, meaning you can be sure to find a comfortable position.

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It's comprised of a good blend of metals and plastics, which should mean it's rather sturdily built. In addition, the Humanscale Quickstand also looks like quite a low profile desk riser, meaning that it also looks pretty sleek too.

You'll also find some rather clever and comprehensive cable management that should keep things looking rather clean too. They can be hidden under your desk and routed around the back of the clamp mount for ease of access.

Varidesk Tall 40

best standing desk converter for a tall person varidesk
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Image Credit: Vari

If you're wanting more of a fixed converter, then the Varidesk Tall 40 looks like a marvellous choice.


It's a fixed dual-platform converter, meaning its height can't be changed, but features a rather tall height range, being compatible with people up to 6ft 7 and 6ft 8 inches tall.

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The adjustment of the Varidesk Tall 40 also looks to be rather convenient, as you can essentially squeeze the two handles in and move the two platforms up and down. There are nine different height options to choose from, so you should be sure to find one that's comfortable for you.

In addition, this standing desk converter looks like a good choice for those looking for multiple displays as it can support dual 27-inch panels, which is rather useful. With that being said, you should also be getting some rather good desk space for you to fit all manner of peripherals and notepads on, with space to spare.


best standing desk converter for a tall person btod
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Image Credit: BTOD

The BTOD Duke VESA looks to be a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to standing desk converters for taller people.


It features a 17-inch height adjustment range, as well as also being a dual ergonomic desk that can move the monitor independently that features its own range of 33 inches. This means that you're sure to find a height that works comfortably whether you're standing up, or you're sitting down and you just want some extra height.

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There's also some decent wire management with a vertical strip on the back of the main column, as well as some holes on the back where the keyboard holes are for convenient channelling.

The BTOD Duke VESA, with its large scope for adjustment, should be good for people up to 6ft 6 inches in height, making it a rather good all-round desk.

VIVO Standing Desk Converter

best standing desk converter for a tall person vivo
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Image Credit: VIVO

For more of an affordable standing desk converter option, the VIVO Standing Desk Converter looks like a great choice.


You'll find that it's comprised of some solid steel which should make this standing desk converter rather sturdy indeed. A maximum height of 19.7 inches means that it should also go rather high, too.

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With the VIVO Standing Desk Converter, you're also getting a working area of 32 x 16 inches, which gives you plenty of space to work at, and the fact this is also quite a low profile riser means it won't take up too much space on your desk.

Innovative Winston

best standing desk converter for a tall person innovative
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Image Credit: Innovative

The Innovative Winston looks like an amazing choice for a standing desk converter, especially if you're after plenty of adjustability.


Being a dual ergonomic desk converter means you can move the monitor and keyboard tray independently, with the max keyboard height being 18.5 inches off your desk, and your monitor 52 inches off your desk. This height means that it can support users up to 6ft 7 in height.

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Alongside this, the Innovative Winston also features an infinite position lock so you can choose your preferred height with no predetermined positions, which is rather handy.

You'll also find a rather thick steel base and general metal construction meaning that this standing desk converter is also rather sturdy, and can also support up to three monitors, which makes it quite a versatile offering, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a standing desk be for a tall person?

As a general rule, if you can get a standing desk riser that can go up to 50 inches or higher, then it should be a good choice for tall people. You can of course go even higher if you need to.

You can read more about the perfect desk height right here.


Is 34 inches too high for a desk?

In short, no. For a tall person, a desk riser actually up to 50 inches in height will suffice.

For reference a standard desk is between 28 or 30 inches tall, which is the proper height for those up to 5ft 10 in height, so 34 inches will only be good for those 6ft 2 in height.

Should I get a standing desk converter?

In short, yes. We'd say that a standing desk converter is a great way to improve the ergonomics of your setup without changing your entire desk out, and can add an extra element of comfort to day to day working by allowing you to stand, as well as sit, when the riser is folded down.

For tall people, getting the right desk riser is important, so it's integral that you get one that fits your height, and will suit you in every eventuality.

You can read more about the benefits of a standing desk right here.


Is a standing desk converter worth it?

In our humble opinion, we'd say that a standing desk converter is worth it if you're looking for a simpler option to improve the ergonomics of your setup without swapping out your entire desk.

They can provide you with the versatility of a standing desk without making a serious change to your current space, and give you the benefits of standing at your desk, such as generally being more comfortable.

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How much should I spend on a standing desk converter?

For some of the very best standing desk converters, you're looking at around $400 or more, but spending between $150 and $300 will get you a good all-round riser that should be great for tall people.

What should I look for in a standing desk converter?

In a general sense, things such as adjustability, total height and build quality are going to be of vital importance in any buying decision for a standing desk converter. You'll want a desk that's comfortable to use for a working day, as well as one that's well-made and sturdy.

Can you turn any desk into a standing desk?

In short, yes. With a standing desk converter such as those we've listed above, it's possible to turn any desk into a standing desk, and depending on which one you go for depends on how tall you can make it.