Best Wrist Rest For Gaming 2022: Our Top Picks

We’ve rounded up some candidates for the best wrist rest for gaming out there today.

by Reece Bithrey
best wrist rest for gaming

If you’re looking for the best wrist rest for gaming, then we’ve got you covered right here.

If you’ve picked up one of the best wireless keyboards for example, then chances are you’ll want to make sure your user experience is as comfortable as possible. Investing in a wrist rest can be a very useful ergonomic solution if you’re going to sitting at your desk for a long time, and to go along with it, opting for one of the best office chairs and one of the best footrests for under your desk, for instance, will be key in making sure you’re entirely comfortable.

With a wrist rest, the first port of call when deciding what to buy is deciding what material you’d like it to be made out of. Wrist rests can be wooden, plastic, or made of leather for instance, so it’s a case of working out what’s going to be most comfortable for you.

If you’re wanting something for the sake of style and also something a little firmer, wood is always a nice option. If you’re wanting something a little plusher, then a leather or leatherette wrist rest is likely to be the way to go.

You can also get shorter or longer wrist rests depending on keyboard layout, so it’s worth considering if you’ve got a full size, tenkeyless or sixty percent keyboard, and purchasing a wrist rest to go with that.

Some wrist rests, depending on the material, can also feature cooling gels inside to keep your wrists at a lower and arguably more comfortable temperature. This can be particularly useful if you are spending a lot of time at a desk working and you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

With all this in mind, we’ve selected these wrist rests based on our research into their specs, features, general reviews, and other general points, that we think make them worth considering, plus, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions so you can pick the best one for you.

So with that being said, let’s get into it – here are some top picks for the best wrist rest for gaming available today.

Best Wrist Rest For Gaming

Best Wrist Rest For Gaming HyperX – HyperX Wrist Rest

best wrist rest for gaming hyperx
Image Credit: HyperX

If you’re looking for a marvellous wrist rest for gaming that features some clean looks, then the HyperX Wrist Rest looks like a great choice. 

There aren’t any noticeable gaming aesthetics with minimalistic black fabric material and red anti-fray stitching that’s in keeping with HyperX’s company colours.

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Inside, you’ll find the HyperX Wrist Rest features a cool gel memory foam, so it’ll not only be super comfortable, but also keep your hands cool for those marathon gaming sessions. 

Best Wrist Rest For Gaming Razer – Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

best wrist rest for gaming razer
Image Credit: Razer

Razer makes some of the best gaming keyboards out there, so it’s little surprise that their wrist rest, the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest makes it onto our list as a top choice.

You’ll find it features an ergonomic inclined design as opposed to being flat, which helps with comfort and ensures your hands should be at the most comfortable angle possible as you’re typing. 

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The Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest also features a solid edge frame which not only looks great but also means this should be pretty durable, given the sturdy plastics it’s comprised of. 

The actual wrist rest cushion is made of leatherette that should feel soft to the touch, and it’s also waterproof, which is convenient.

Best Wrist Rest For Gaming Asus – ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest

best wrist rest for gaming asus
Image Credit: Asus

The ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest looks like a fantastic wrist rest if you’re looking for something clean and sharp to supplement your setup.

It’s made of a soft and plush leatherette, which should feel great, and is also splash resistant. Around its edges, you’ll also find stitched edges with concealed seams so you shouldn’t get any tearing, even with intensive usage. 

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This wrist rest also looks rather classy with minimalistic looks and brand detailing that takes the form of an ASUS ROG logo that stands out just enough from the wrist rest’s surface. 

Round the back, you’ll also find that the ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest also has some non-slip rubber feet to keep everything in place, which is handy. 

Best Wrist Rest For Gaming Roccat – ROCCAT REST Max Ergonomic Gel Wrist Pad

best wrist rest for gaming roccat
Image Credit: Roccat

The ROCCAT REST Max Ergonomic Gel Wrist Pad from Roccat looks like a marvellous wrist rest from the standpoint of build quality and also general looks.

You’ll find a gel-infused cushioning on the inside that should feel rather good to the touch and make this a super comfortable addition to your gaming setup.

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At 8 inches long, it is a more compact wristrest, so will be a great choice if you’re using a smaller footprint keyboard, which seem to become more popular by the day

The ROCCAT REST Max Ergonomic Gel Wrist Pad also looks rather good, keeping things simple with a Roccat logo emblazoned across the middle of the wristrest. It’s one of the more prominent brand features, but it also looks fantastic, too. 

Best Wrist Rest For Gaming Glorious – Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard Wrist Rest

best wrist rest for gaming glorious
Image Credit: Glorious

The Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard Wrist Rest should be a marvellous wrist rest to add to your setup, especially as a handy premium option. 

It features some classy looks with some stitched edges and a cloth surface as well as foam innards to help keep things soft and comfy.

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There’s also a choice of colours with both black and grey available, so you’re sure to find a wrist rest that’ll look brilliant in your setup.

This Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard Wrist Rest also comes in different sizes, so whether you’re using a full size, tenkeyless, or more of a compact keyboard, Glorious looks to have you covered with a brilliant wrist rest for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wrist rests good for gaming?

In short, yes. Wrist rests can aid in making your gaming experience a lot more comfortable by allowing you to maintain a more neutral position. 

Depending on what you go for, they can also be useful for keeping your wrists cool as some wrist rests utilise a cooling gel inside. 

They can also complete your setup in terms of looks, especially if you’ve got peripherals from one brand and want a wrist rest to round things off nicely. 

How much should I spend on a wrist rest for gaming? 

In our humble opinion, spending between $15 and $40 is likely to get you a great feeling wristrest that’s comfortable to use, and feels durable in hand. 

You can spend less if your budget doesn’t allow, and you’ll still be getting a great feeling product, but may be missing out on some of the flairs of more premium options.

How thick should a wrist rest be? 

This all depends on your personal preference, as well as what kind of keyboard you’re using. 

As a general rule, going for something that’s 25mm thick will provide you with enough material to rest your wrists on comfortably that should also be well supported if you’re using a full size keyboard with the feet up.

If you’re using a low profile keyboard, then going for a thinner wrist rest will suit you better.

Reece Bithrey